Our Approach

Doing It Right From the Start

Live Build Enhance Develop Invest Analyze
Live Build Enhance Develop Invest Analyze


The KIRCO Decision Matrix is an analysis driven tool we use to ensure we are delivering the right product to the right market. We go beyond examining the typical data points and create a broader analysis to help mitigate risk and provide the best recommendation by looking at many variables in totality. Information on supply and demand, access, demographics, competition, labor and costs, along with various market studies all serve as critical inputs to the decision matrix assessment team.


We take ownership in the communities we develop. Having a stake in the outcome keeps us invested in the success of each community from beginning to end. We know how to develop the right product to meet what the market needs and what it takes to keep tenants happy, while also caring for our properties with lasting quality and savings.


We are an award winning real estate company that has been in business for over 40 years. Having planned and developed over 30 million square feet, we are a major developer with expertise in office, industrial, retail, healthcare, and senior living sectors.


We select teams that specialize in Senior Living to make it the experience the best it can be. Capturing the local dynamic (architecture, interior design, culture, climate) is critical, that’s why we search diligently for the right team that understands the unique needs of the seniors in each market.


We either build the project, or consult on it to make sure the construction is meeting our own KIRCO standards Our Development, Construction Management [KIRCO MANIX] and Property Management teams are vertically integrated to produce better work and create an efficient process from day one.


We want people to live and thrive in our KIRCO Senior communities. That’s why we carefully select operators based on a shared value system around design, vision and dedication to providing the best experience in a place seniors will be proud to call home.