Cherrywood Nursing and Living Center - Sterling Heights, MI

Project Description

KIRCO MANIX recently completed the renovation of the Cherrywood Nursing and Living Center, a large 180-bed seniors residence in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The 35,000 square foot renovation included a complete renovation to their post-acute rehabilitation (Charlevoix) wing, including new finishes, modifications to resident rooms, and a new nurse’s station.

Additional work included the remodeling and addition to physical therapy, a reconstructed front canopy, and complete renovation to the main lobby. The project also added several amenities to the building, including a grab-and-go bistro, library, beauty shop, and family conference room.

KIRCO MANIX helped to modernize the existing building using stone and tile finishes, and light coves, to brighten the common areas providing an overall refreshed and contemporary look for residents of Cherrywood.

This is KIRCO MANIX’s second project partnering with Pomeroy Living.